Every house roof has its expiry. You should know all the reasons to change a rooftop. Roofs keep you and your families safe from different bad climates. When the roof becomes old it can be easily broken by heavy winds and rain. Nowadays roofing contractor in Sydney includes different types of materials.

Most people say that roof decking material only consists of wood. But they are three main materials are used in roof decking, which are wood, concrete, and steel. These materials act as a party line for shingle roofs or metal roofs to sit upon. Sometimes when you are changing a rooftop top, you have to change your roof decking. Most people use wood in roof decking, while roof repairing you should see the condition of the wood. If they are rotten you need to change them, and if they are not in a bad shape it can handle the rooftop. 

Roof flashing

Roof flashing is made up of anti-rust metal like copper, aluminium, and galvanized steel. You may see roofs flashing against your chimneys or open valleys. You don’t need to change the roof flashing while you are changing the rooftop. But if you find that it is damaged you can change it. 


If you want to add an extra layer of protection to your rooftop you can have underlayment. It is placed between the shingles and roof decking. After installing it your roof will be protected from rain snow and wind. Underlayment is not necessary while you are changing your roof. If you don’t add underlayment, rain can be soaked into the roof deck which could cause leaks in it. 

Drip edge 

Drip edge is a material that is installed on the edges of your roof. It prevents the water from entering your roof. It has to be changed when you are getting a new rooftop. Drip edge acts as drainage. 

Ice and water shield

When it rains you have to protect your rooftop from the constant flow of water. It is a waterproof membrane. If you don’t use it water can enter your rooftop and damage it. In snow falling all the snow gathers on the rooftop. When it starts to melt, water enters the roof deck and causes leakage in it. To prevent this thing ice and water shield are installed. 

Asphalt Shingles 

It is necessary to change the shingles when you are changing your rooftop. Asphalt shingles are known best for their durability. They do not require any special type of maintenance. They are resistant to high temperatures and winds. It is a type of roof covering. If you are changing a rooftop all of these materials are necessary to be replaced to make your rooftop strong and protective.