The full abbreviation of ME is My Excellent dental care. We have started offering services since 2017. We are currently covering the Burwood and its surrounding areas. So, if you have been facing any issues related to the teeth or gums then you must visit us as we have solution for all your issues.

We all need to take care of our oral health. Many people ignore their oral health and they don’t even brush their teeth before sleeping. It is a bas pattern which can cause many issues and problems later. To avoid all the oral issues, we have to think about it and consider our oral health as the top most priority. we eat through our mouth. Whatever, we swallow has to pass through our mouth. It has to be clean. If it’s not clean then indirectly we are swollen the bacteria and germs which is not good for our health. Plus, the leftover residue of food can cause issue to the gums and teeth.
Me dental care Burwood has been offering all the dental services to the patients who have been going through a tough time. Following are the treatments that we are offering under the banner of Me dental care Burwood.

• Dental Filling:

There are many people have gaps between their teeth. It doesn’t look good when we smile. Many people accept it as it is, but there are few people who need it to be fixed. We can solve this issue of people. Also, tooth decay due to the cavity can cause many issues. It can cause hole into the tooth. Dental filling can help in this issue as well.

• Root Canal Therapy:

We provide the services of root canal. So, if your wisdom tooth has been become a huge trouble of life and causes so much pain then we can help you in this matter as well.

• Kids Clinic:

We provide services not only for adults but we have been offering facilities to the kids as well. So, if your toddler is going through a cavity issue and want to take him to emergency dentist in Camberwell, then we are here for you.
• Crown:
Crown are very useful especially for the people who have issue with the front teeth. Celebrities’ and public figures have to maintain their smile.
• Non-Surgical Gum Health:
There are many dentists who just go for the surgery even for minor issues. We don’t believe in that. We can provide treatment without surgery as well, if no surgery needed.

• Teeth Whitening:
Pale teeth result in embarrassing smile. So, we have to clean them after every 3 months.
If you have any issues and want special and experienced dentist to treat you, then visit our clinic. We hall never disappoint you.