You might be the owner of a start-up, or the owner of a fair sized company you are always looking to promote your company. You can try out these things even if you are in looking to promote a big company. Given that big companies will have huge advertising budgets they might not have to consider simple steps. However any form of advertising is still advertising and would not do you any harm. When the company is big enough doing a mixture of small and large scale campaigns is the best idea. Too many small initiatives is not suitable for a large scale company as it would lead customers to think less of the company. Make sure you go big from time to time while doing simple things like these. These are several simple ways to promote your business.

Sending email newsletters can be a small step towards spreading your brand name. You can gather the email addresses of the customers that you are frequently in contact with and send out email newsletters. Even though the email might be moved straight to the spam folder these is a chance that people might start doing business with you by seeing it. However you would not have to worry about it too much as it costs you nearly nothing. Another thing would be printing various types of stickers for different purposes. If your company delivers goods you could get stickers printed to paste on the packages. You can print window stickers to be used in the automobile industry. You can go pasting these stickers in parked cars to spread your brand. Make sure these stickers are removable and would not leave residue behind in vehicles which will lead to annoyed customers. Donating some of your products in local events with stickers on them of your company logo is another purpose. This can even be used when internal applications are launched. The stickers can be distributed to each and every employee who might paste them on their personal belongings. For all your sticker needs you can get hold of a printing service that provides cheap stickers at, so that you can get stickers printed in any shape and size you want to suit your requirement

Having envelopes printed with your company name is another simple step that can be done. Giving business cards to your employees which will obviously contain company details. You can use your own employees as salesmen using this. They would be giving out these cards to people in their circles and ultimately promoting the brand name of your company. To get letters and business cards printed you can use raised business cards nyc, get more info.  These are just a few simple steps to promote your brand name. You will be able to get these done at very low costs if you find the right printing service which provides high quality products for the cheapest price possible.