Johnnie Walker is the most expensive whisky and purchase buy the class-addicted people. Johnnie walker comes in different type and each type has its own value in terms of taste, packaging, ingredients, and level of alcohol. Johnnie walker considered as pioneer in making the whiskey and people trust to this brand of whiskey more than anything as it has become the symbol of class mostly people go for johnnie walker in celebrating their big days. When people threw a party or any other occasion they are mostly conscious about their reputation and words of moth that generate after that party or occasion. To create a positive word of mouth and make people remember the party they use Johnnie Walker in their events as discuss above it shows the class and delighted the invitees and invertor as well. As we know that people have become more health conscious than ever before for that purposes also they want to go with the product or brand which has favorable market position and for they can trust on blindly as far as health is concern. The consciousness of people about the health has increased because many of the other companies are selling jack daniels tennessee whiskey using the inappropriate ingredients, which can become harmful for the health and same time can create a problem for the consumer. Health is the first priority at Johnnie Walker because they know the value of their customers and are willing to provide them with best possible product according to their need and wants.

Moreover, Johnnie Walker comes in different shapes and sizes along with the eye catching packaging which makes it different from other whiskeys. As we know that people attracted more from packaging and can pay an extra amount just for the packaging as they want to buy a product which look good in their party or occasion so they can get a good shot with the packaging. Johnnie walker is the ultimate solution because it is renowned due to the innovative packaging ideas people would love to invest on. There is always a hype for the bottles of Johnnie Walker and its loyal consumer rush to the shops to get their hands on every new edition. Because it comes in limited amount and can only get by those people who struggle for it. Sometimes the same whiskey if you buy in bulk amount can get benefits in terms of discount as bulk buying always come with benefits. This element true for the regular consumer or for those who divide it with the bunch of friends and relatives.