Regency Brings Great Floats For You!

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Standard and Deluxe models are available in Regency’s Straight cargo Float collection. The Standard Range of docks is ideal for late competitions, rally days, pony club events, and indeed boarding without nags! The Regency Deluxe series has all floats for sale of the same safety features as the standard series, but the Deluxe series goes one step further by having a frontal kitchen, a water tank, a Gomorrah and an external valve, a 240- volt power force, a roof that’s completely lined, a wardrobe, and hedge beds that fold up!

Regency Deluxe series

At Regency Floats, we want to help people who love nags like you by furnishing them with the right steed pier that isn’t only made of high- quality accoutrements but will also make traveling with your nags easier each time. Your brand-new 3 horse angle load for sale steed pier is constructed using only the most durable accoutrements. You have come to the right place if you’re looking for a steed pier that can repel the harsh Sydney rainfall, is affordable, and is available right then in NSW.

Deluxe float range

Our Deluxe Float Range the Regency Deluxe Range has the ideal docks for late competitions, pony club rallies, and indeed boarding without nags! The luxe range floats for sale from Regency has all of the same safety features as the Standard range, but it also has a frontal kitchen, a water force, a power force, a wardrobe, and beds!

The Regency Camper range of RVs, caravans, and floatplanes is the ideal flight. These Regency caravans are suitable to accommodate nags! Our3 horse angle load float for sale RVs are the ideal movable lodging option for making any camping or steed show experience more pleasurable and comforting. Moment, get in your brand-new Regency Camper and roll up in style!

Our devoted caravan RVs and toy vehicles

Over 40 Times of furnishing High- Quality steed Float RVs for trade purchasing a brand-new steed pier trailer is an investment that should pay off in the long run. Regency Docks’ staffs are so devoted to learning about our guests’ conditions before recommending the stylish model for them because of this.

Get in touch with us if you have any problems with one of our docks or need repairs done. We can help you fix the problem. We’ve served a lot 3 horse angle load float for sale of fulfilled steed possessors in NSW and around Sydney. We take great pride in maintaining a harmonious standard that we can be proud of all these times, from the product’s quality to our client service. We also have no intention of altering that at all.